Paul Vella Critien

Maestro D'Arte


An explosive force of dynamic energy and a burst of vivid extravagant colours, powerful and suggestive shapes and forms, with a defined outline are Paul’s expression. Paul’s work emanates joy and pleasure and although there is a hint of tension in his work, these dynamics are well balanced with and explosive force which is contained in unity.  



More about Paul

Paul (b. 1960), the son of Aldo and Marita, had his grandfather, the well-know artist Gianni Vella as his mentor and tutor (1973-1977).  While still in his early teens, Paul enhanced his love towards sketching, painting and modelling under the guidance of Censu Apap and Esprit Barthet at the Malta School of Art.  In the same institute, Paul studied ceramics under Gianni Bonnici, and Gabriel Caruana, forming part of the third generation of ceramics during the 20th century.

Gianni Vella (1885-1977)
Censu Apap (1909-2003)
Esprit Barthet (1919-1999)
Gabriel Caruana (1929-2018)
Gianni Bonnici (1932-)

After achieving his Diploma from the Malta School of Art, Paul was recommended by the to the Italian Government by the Education Department and was awarded a five-year scholarship at the ‘Gaetano Ballardini, Istituto Statale d’Arte per la Ceramica’ in Faenza and ‘Accademia di Belle Arti’ in Ravenna (1978-1982).  He specialized in Fine Arts and Ceramics obtained a B.A. in Ceramics and an M.A. in Fine Art.  During his specialization period in Italy, Paul acquired vast theoretical and practical experience, under the guidance of some of the best ceramists and sculptures of the time: Guido Mariani, Angelo Biancini, Mario Tassinari, Fulvio Ravaioli, Domenico Matteucci, and Carlo Zauli amongst others.  .

Angelo Biancini (1911-1988)
Guido Mariani (1950-)
Carlo Zauli (1952-1991)

List of Exhibitions

16 June 2018 – 27 June 2018

Exhibition of ceramics @ Loggetta 31, Ortolan Street, San Gwann, Malta

21 May 2016 – 31 May 2016

Exhibition of ceramics @ Loggetta 31, Ortolan Street, San Gwann Malta

4 July 2015 – 15 July 2015

Exhibition of ceramics @ Loggetta 33, Ortolan Street, San Gwann, Malta

2 March 2014 – 21 March 2014

Exhibition of ceramics @ Dar Centrali, Pieta, Malta – inaugurated by Dr Simon Busuttil

25 April 2009 – 9 May 2009

Exhibition of ceramics @ Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce – Palazzo De La Salle, 219, Republic Street, Valletta, Malta

17 December 2005 – 14 January 2006

Exhibition of ceramics @ Auberge D’Italie, Merchant Street, Valletta, Malta

7 February 2005 – 30 May 2005

Exhibition of Ceramics @ Gallery 3 Amici, Via Della Rotonda, 7-8-9 (Pantheon) Rome, Italy

9 October 2004 – 31 October 2004

Exhibition of ceramics @ Heritage Malta, Valletta, Malta

Mediterranean Conference Hall, Old Hospital Street, Valletta, Malta

Novotel Hotel, Hambug West, Germany

Razzett tal-Markis Mallia Tabone, Wied il-Ghasel Road, Mosta Malta

  • Exhibition of paintings and ceramics @ Loggetta Del Trentanove, Piazza 2 Giugno, Faenza, Italy
  • Exhibition of paintings and ceramics @ St Margaret Chapel, San Gwann, Malta – sponsored by San Gwann Local Council

Exhibition of ceramics @ Contemporary Room, National Museum of Fine Arts, South Street, Valletta, Malta

Exhibition of the Nude in Maltese Art in this Century @ Robert Sammut Hall, Floriana – Iljieli Mediterranji Arts Festival 1994

Exhibition of Sports in Art @ Foundation of International Studies, Valletta (during Small Nations Games)

Exhibition of Maltese Self-Portraits @ Robert Sammut Hall, Floriana – Iljieli Mediterranji Arts Festival 1992

Exhibition of paintings and watercolours @ Sushine Arts Council, Victoria, Australia

Exhibition of paintings and ceramics @ National Gallery, Victoria, Australia

Exhibition of paintings @ Melbourne Art Exchange, Victoria, Australia

Annual Art Exhibition of paintings @ Sunshine Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia

Exhibition of ceramics @ Woy Woy Art Cetre, New South Wales, Australia

Exhibition of Modern Paintings @ The Martin Art Gallery, New South Wales, Australia

Exhibition of Maltese Sculpture and Ceramics, Gallerija Fenici, Valletta, Malta

International Art Exhibition in Faenza, Italy – awarded Certificate of Merit

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