Anime delle terre

Exhibition of Ceramic sculptures by Paul Vella Critien

25th April, 2009 – 9th May, 2009
Maltese Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce
Palazzo De La Salle
219, Republic Street

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On Saturday 25th April, an art exhibition by the Maltese artist Paul Vella Critien will be inaugurated at the Malta Society of Arts, Manufacture & Commerce, Republic Street, Valletta.The theme “Anime delle Terre” consists of a collection of around 25 pieces in ceramics which were produced during the last 16 months. This is the twelfth personal art show that the artist has organized in Malta and Europe. In this particular exhibition, the exhibits will be of small and large sizes, a mixture of contemporary compositions. In a personal way, the artist will be viewing developed techniques in Maiolica, Stoneware and Engobes colours. This collection is based on the spirit and effects of Planet Earth, a combination to demonstrate his love and deep passionate belief in natural forms, colour and texture.

Paul’s recent works are bold, expressive ceramic sculptures that the artist has evolved in ancient raw materials into modern idoms, full of passion derived from universal forms. Most of the works are a balance of structural engineering methods, techniques that manifest the vast experience he has acquired during his studies with renowned sculptores such as Prof. A. Biancini and Prof. C. Zauli, winners of prestigious world art prizes such as the Venice Biennale in sculpture and ceramic art competitions in Faenza, Italy. Paul completed his studies in 1982, graduating B.A., M.A. (FINE ART), Faenza, RA, Italy. During the last 30 years, Paul has exhibited his works in important art galleries in Europe, Australia and USA. His works are an expression of great ability, depth and originality with endless energy, a monumental technological force with unique artistic styles and freedom. “Elementi Liberi” is an abstract mural, an alto relief finished in salt glazes of blue and bronze. The sphere collection, three pieces in all, are 3-dimensional sculptures portraying aspects of changing effects, decorated in different methods, with powerful contrast and technical expertise. This series of sculptures (40cm x 40cm) are without a doubt the focal expressions for this art show, and the continuation of a long process he had already put on view at Auberge d’Italie with his Sphera I exhibited in 2005. Two ceramic base reliefs, “Summer Sunset I and II” simplified to create light and effect with great simplicity of our local characteristics. “Bimbo” and “Bimba”, are two stylised sculptures produced by one of Paul’s favourite methods, spontaneously building and modelling his composition at the same time, a technique that requires great skill and experience in ceramics engineering. His figurative works are his Forte, a combination of natural and great academic training and of creative ability. “Mother of God”, a freestanding sculpture (70cm) glazed in metallic bronze is an expression of faith and humility, leaning towards the viewer. This magnificent art piece, was made by what the artist calls “Alla Prima Tecnica”. Most of his completed works are made using this method.

Paul Vella Critien was commissioned several public ceramic monuments in Malta, Europe and Australia, in this forthcoming exhibition Paul shall once again manifest his artistic bravura and unique creativity, proving his international repute and success in recent years.

Prof. A. Bellendi

See the picture Gallery of the Exhibition